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     MK Tech Solutions, founded in 1993, prides itself on finding innovative solutions to problems in the petroleum and environmental industries. Our Primary focus is modeling processes in porous media that can be used to improve oil recovery or remediate property.



      MK Tech Solutions  has had years of experience, the facilities and the contacts necessary to assess a situation, demonstrate alternative solutions, and oversee their development.  The extra time we spend using our high-performance computers, libraries and chemistry experience for researching and modeling the mechanisms that control petroleum recovery or environmental remediation makes MK Tech Solutions one of the best sources of advanced oil production or property remediation technology.  Our efforts have helped demonstrate several billion barrels of additional reserves for clients in North and South America and the Middle East.
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  Recent EOR Projects Include




Gas  Injection

  • Reservoir Gas Recycling to Extend the Life of Oil  Fields Without Large Capital Investment
  • Miscible Gas (CO2 or Rich-Gas) Injection

Thermal and Heavy Oil

  • Thermal EOR with Steam Drives, Steam Soaks and SAGD
  • Deep, Wet, In-Situ Combustion to Recover Heavy, Viscous Oil
  • VAPEX Production of Heavy Oil
  • Gasification of Residual Oil after Steam Injection or In-Situ Combustion

Surfactant Enhanced Waterflooding



  • Gas Hydrate Production from Cold Pressurized Reservoirs
  • Coal Bed Methane and In Situ Coal or Oil Gasification

Recent Remediation Projects Include

  • In Situ Remediation by Conductive Heating, Steam Injection, or Resistance Heating and Chemical Flushing.

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